Mobile phones: anti-social media?

Its back to school & college time.

One parent wrote:

”Last week, my lad started secondary school. And I was surprised – OK, shocked – to find that something had happened to his friends over the summer: nearly all of them had acquired smart phones, and were taking them in to school.

What’s more compelling for my son, I think, is that last year at primary school, his friends so loved playing football together every break that they hardly had time to eat; now, if I ask him what he does at lunchtime, he sighs, and says that most people get their phones out instead.”

Is this the new addiction? Should it better be called “Anti-Social Media?”

Recent research suggests, for secondary school young adults, that overdosing on screen time may have a detrimental effect further down the line with GCSEs. A separate study from the London School of Economics  found that smart phones in schools affect grades adversely, especially among slower learners. And this week the OECD reported that computer technology in the classroom hampers progress.

Maybe we should watch how we use our phones?

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