I love Bradford

Bradford is a great city. If it wasn’t I would probably not be here now. Despite the awful media coverage Bradford attracts – it really is a great city full of some lovely people.

I come from South East London – and still love my roots. [If you want to join me in singing a verse of ‘Maybe its because I’m a Londoner’ or the ‘Lambeth Walk’ then that would be fun]. I often visit London for holidays and especially love St. James Park – in the sunshine – and all the wild life (on the lake). If you’ve ever been to Greenwich – then that’s my old stomping ground. I even took part in the second London Marathon starting in the park. I also topok part in the first ever “Ride 100” a 100+ mile cycle ride round the Olympic cycle route. I was privileged to grow up in such a great multi-cultural, multi-racial city.

But I came to Bradford University in 1964 and loved it so much I stayed on.

Bradford has an enviable heritage, is surrounded by some of the best scenery in England (which I love to walk and cycle around) and a superb cultural life.

To all my colleagues, friends and its wonderful multi-cultural students – thanks for helping to make Bradford a great place to live and work in.