Welcome to this, my most popular page. I wonder why?

Did you know that the pages you visit often say a lot about you. OK so what do you want to know about this subject?

Here’s a question for starters – what have sex and the nuclear power industry got in common? Answer – the are extremely powerful forces and can both be used for great benefit and can also be highly destructive.

It may not be politically or culturally correct, but both need to be controlled otherwise they will destroy us. Discipline is not a favourite word today – but that does not mean it is unnecessary. Olympic champions, great musicians and academic achievers etc. all only get to the top and stay there via disciplined lives.

Don’t be fooled by the popular poison being circulated.

A good guiding principle for life is to follow the maker’s instructions. So what are they? Like millions of others down the ages and around the world, I have built my by carefully reading the Bible to discover the answer to that question. I commend that to you. For starters, on this topic, why not read that beautiful love poem in the Bible called the “Song of Solomon

God’s way is the best – and has been proved over the centuries. All of us can only fully enjoy life when we live it as he intended. Rebel against His way if you want – but don’t blame him if you settle for second best – especially when he offers the best way.