My great discovery

When I was 18 years old, and preparing to come to Bradford University, my life radically changed by because of an amazing discovery. A change I am still excited about and still working out.

It was the most amazing, fantastic, incredible discovery anyone could make. If it was true then I recognised that I needed to change my life as a consequence. At 18 I decided to stake my life and reputation on it being true and see what happened. Looking back I have no regrets.

Since June 1964 I have spent my life researching, challenging and testing that decision. Others have also challenged it. Today I am more convinced that the discovery was 100% correct.

Life is not always easy for most of us. My life has been sustained and enriched by this discovery.

Was I deluded? Many years later and with so much testing, I am more convinced than ever that the discovery was for real. I have been privileged to work internationally and to meet many people from different cultures, countries and backgrounds many of whom report a similar experience.

So true and fantastic that we would all love you to enjoy that same rich, exciting and challenging life for yourself. See if you can guess what that discovery was. Was it in:-

My choice of career as a professional statistician

My interest in Computing and ICT

The philosophy and practice of marketing

Personal friendships

Finding that ‘some one special’

I had been left a fortune by some rich relative

I had a great, secret talent