Interest in IT

I have a love / hate relationship with computers, phones etc. (Unlike other people I know who love to hate computers. Are you one of them? Or maybe you are a screen addict who cannot switch their device off for more than 15 minutes?).

I have always enjoyed making computers do things we could not do without them. That seems to me to be a profitable use of I.T. Also being able to be more efficient and effective in what we do is also great.

But the big question is – ‘Are we building a better world because we have I.C.T. to help us’? What do you think? In a very short time it will be my students turn to produce the answer to that question. For all our sakes, and those that follow us – please use I.T. to build a better world.

The challenge we face is that the gap between good and evil is so small. The same computer systems which enable us to run our hospitals and schools can also be used by terrorists to destroy individuals, companies and whole societies. We need to be on our guard.

Have another go:

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