Marketing, as a career, has been very kind to me. It has helped me meet many very interesting, influential and highly talented people.

What attracts me to marketing is its underlying service philosophy – identifying and meeting customers needs and expectations. What repels me is those marketers who abuse the responsibility and power of marketing by manipulating markets for their own ends.

Marketing ethics is an important topic to consider – but more important, to practice. What is your ethical stance and why?

What many marketers ignore is a universal law – known to agriculturalists as ‘we reap what we sow’. OK, so there is a time lapse between the two – and the crop does not always look like the seed we sow – but the law holds true. We humans forget the inevitablity of this universal law of nature at our peril. Marketers and genetic engineers be careful and be warned!

But marketing does not satisfy the human soul – except for a fleeting moment. Much wants more. There simply has to be more to life than this. Am I giving you another clue? Click again.

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