Someone Special

That’s right. Let me tell you about it. When I was 18 I heard the most fantastic story of all – and I had to decide whether or not it was genuine. Let me tell you the story simply, and why it transformed my life:-

Knowing someone loves and cares for you is fantastic. That they should do so despite one’s weaknesses and failings is tremendous. That is the sort of love that makes us want to love in return. That’s where it started for me.

I realised that you and I are loved incredibly by someone who can be trusted totally. I decided that this was an offer too good to ignore. I went for it 100% and simply said ‘thank you’ to the God of the universe for loving us, for loving me so much. I decided to freely and willingly give my life over to him.

Throughout my life I have had a friend to enjoy the good times with, a companion and comforter through the heart breakingly tough times, someone to bring his peace to a troubled mind, and a guide when making difficult decisions. Someone who paid the debt for my wrongs. I look forward to saying a sincere ‘thank you’ to him when we meet.

I have met people from all cultures, countries and status who have found the same. Looking back we all agree that it was the best decision of our lives. So much so, that we whole heartedly recommend the same relationship, same decision, to others, to you.

People ask many questions about this. I have listed several on the left. If you have other questions – why not contact me – or if you are a student then arrange for us to have a chat outside of class?

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