A great talent

A Secret Talent

I wish…. If only…..

The nearest claims I have to fame and fortune are:

  •  I was once in the audience of “Top Of The Pops” (Sad – but did you see me?)
  • I have shaken a Prime Minister’s hand (big deal)
  • I was the first marketer in the UK to use a Xerox laser printer for direct mail (much to the disgust of those who hate receiving so called ‘junk mail’ – please forgive)
  • I was the first to suggest and pioneer a degree course in ‘Sales and Marketing’ [certainly a UK first for Bradford Business School – and possibly a world first – if you know differently please tell me]
  • I was the first to solve a data storage problem in town planning computer simulation models, using data compression techniques (Yipee)

Have another go:

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