Letter to mum

Mothers like to hear how their sons are doing. One mum received the following letter from her son, studying away from home in Bradford. This was the first she had heard from him in a long time:-

“Dear mum,

I hope you are well. I am sorry that I have not been in contact with you for a while. I was going to call you regularly – but I was mugged shortly after arriving here and had my mobile phone stolen.

We then had a fire in the halls of residence and I lost all my belongings. To escape I had jump out of the window. Since I was on the third floor I broke both legs in several places and had to spend ages in hospital.

Whilst in hospital I got an infectious disease – and so had to be kept in the isolation unit. But I was well looked after – in fact I fell in love with one of the nurses and we were married whilst I was still in the unit. [Sorry we could no invite you – but I was in strict isolation]. I am sure you will like my wife (and being broad minded the difference in our ages and ethnic backgrounds won’t bother you).

We had intended driving down to see you as soon as I got out of hospital, but the car dad gave me had been stolen.

Anyway enough of this bad news – now for some good news – you will soon by a grandmother. The latest scan showed both mum and the triplets are doing fine.

Much love,

Your loving son ….

PS Of course all of the above is totally untrue. The truth is that I have failed my exams – but I just want you keep a sense of perspective about this!!